Rent will vary from property to property. The median rental price for a home is $850 for the Wichita area.

What will my monthly rent be?

Rentec Direct lets you create maintenance requests with pictures, view your lease digitally, pay your rent electronically, communicate with us, and purchase renters insurance.

Tell me more about Rentec Direct.

Congratulations! You've been approved. Now we will start the paperwork. Summit does require renters insurance, which you can purchase online through Rentec Direct, or if you have another provider you wish to use. Before you move in, we will collect security deposit. We will send your lease to sign electronically.

My application has been accepted, now what?

Dogs and cats are some of the cutest animals around, rats and snakes are less cute. Property owners will get final say on which animals they will allow on their properties. Contact us to see if we can find a home for you and your lovable animal. Service animals are always welcome as required by law. Summit does require pets to be up-to-date on their rabies vaccine, and vet records must be on file before the lease can be signed. At this time, there are no breed or size restrictions. Contact your vet to get a copy of your vaccination records.

Can I bring my pet?

When you rent a property from Summit, unless otherwise specified, we do not cover any utilities, nor do we provide lawn care.

Other items to note:

We collect rent using a management software called Rentec Direct. You can pay rent electronically, either by debit/credit card, or by eCheck (money is withdrawn directly from your bank account). 

How do I pay my rent?

For ease of access, you can apply online. The application link for each property is available on our website. When you apply, there is an application fee of $35, which covers the cost of a background check, which includes: TransUnion® TrueCredit® Score, Criminal Intellisearch Background Check and National Eviction Registry check.

We will also ask you to provide a previous rental reference on your rental application.

What do I need to apply to rent one of your properties?

It may surprise you, but a large percentage of rental insurance claims are for theft, not a natural disaster or fire. In the event your home is burglarized, renters insurance will pay to replace or repair the stolen or damaged items.

What was that about renter's insurance?

The security deposit will vary by property, but the deposit is not to exceed the monthly rent as required by law. The deposit is refundable. This is a part of our commitment to providing equitable and affordable housing. The deposit will be returned less damages which will be documented by Summit and sent to you.

More information about your security deposit.

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Summit is a property management company based out of Wichita, KS. Summit is run by its lead partner and owner, Michael Knapp.

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