Summit is the most affordable rental agencies in the city of Wichita. Summit has an impressive 90-day rental guarantee. We promise to fill your rental property with a quality tenant up to 90 days after the property is vacant, or the property management agreement will terminate and Summit will pay you the amount of your first month's rent.

Why should I use Summit?

Summit Property Management Systems LLC is owned and operated by its lead partner Michael Knapp. He is a coffee enthusiast who loves the outdoors. Michael loves taking care of his property and yours, and will make a great addition to your property management team.

Who runs Summit?

If you are interested in renting out your home, don't do it alone! Believe us, it takes a lot of resources to manage a property. Please contact us for exact details. Our fees include a placement fee of 50% of your first months rent. This covers administrative and marketing costs. Additionally, to manage your property month-to-month, we request a management fee of 7% of your monthly rent. This ensures someone is able to answer the phone basically 24/7 in case of emergency, and ensures tenants are following the lease agreement.

How much does this service cost?

We require renters insurance of all tenants. This small cost to them protects their belongings, and helps keep you the property owner safe. Tenants must adhere to their lease agreement at all times, violations of the lease agreement could constitute lease termination. Tenants must report changes in employment and must report all pets. Failure could result in lease termination.

What do you require of a tenant who rents my home?

We collect rent, manage maintenance requests, screen potential tenants, and handle all of the daily paperwork so you can relax. We will also keep tabs on the property, and perform quarterly inspections of the property inside and out. Based on our property reports, we can make recommendations for necessary repairs and facilitate that using our licensed contractors.

What does Summit do for me?

Summit will be handling the process from start to finish so you don't have to! But, we start by screening applicants using the following criteria: TransUnion® TrueCredit® Score, Criminal Intellisearch Background Check and National Eviction Registry check. We also use information such as previous references and income information to find the right tenant.

How does Summit make sure I have the right tenant?

Here is a breakdown of all fees incurred by the property owner:

  • Placement fee- cost to find a quality tenant for your property

    • Cost: 50% of first months rent

  • Management fee- cost to manage your property month-to-month, ensuring on-time rent payments and facilitating necessary repairs

    • Cost: 7% of monthly rent

  • Lease generation fee- cost to create a legally-binding lease that will stand up to the scrutiny of lawyers; this helps protect all parties in case of eviction or civil court proceedings to collect unpaid rent or damages due

    • Cost: $15 for first lease, $10 for each subsequent or renewed lease.

  • Administrative transfer fee- cost to transfer a property with a current tenant with an existing lease under the monthly management of Summit.

    • Cost: $200 per home with existing tenant.

  • Additional considerations may be required. For more details, contact us.

Can you explain the costs of your services?

If you decide Summit is not meeting your needs as a property owner, please talk with us to see if we can negotiate and find a solution. If we cannot find a solution, you may terminate your property management agreement with us, with 60 days written notice.

If a tenant tries to break the lease early for medical reasons or has military orders, they must give 30 days written notice. If a tenant does not meet the above conditions, they may still end their lease early with 60 days written notice, for a fee which varies by property.

What if I decide Summit is not right for me?

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Summit is a property management company based out of Wichita, KS. Summit is run by its lead partner and owner, Michael Knapp.

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