Our Vision Statement:

~our plan for our company~

"to provide affordable and equitable housing, one neighborhood at a time..."

Our Values:

What do we believe in, and commit to provide to our

tenants and property owners?

equitable housing for all

honesty and integrity in all aspects of business

to nourish and develop the human spirit

responsible business practices to ensure a sustainable and successful

business model

Our Business Plan:

what is Summit all about?

What makes Summit different is our values. We conduct our business every day while following all of the values listed above. We pride ourselves on always doing the honorable thing, even if it effects our bottom dollar.

We believe we can provide our property owners and tenants with the

best possible service and innovative digital features to make their lives easier.

We have made partnerships with various companies to make our maintenance

services seamless and streamlined.

Our Partners:

who is running the show?

Summit is owned and operated by its lead partner, Michael Knapp,

with plans to expand employment opportunities in the near future.

In Michael's free-time, he likes to garden and he is a coffee enthusiast.

He likes to travel, even if it's just around Wichita,

and he looks forward to meeting YOU. 

~welcome home

More Info


Summit is a property management company based out of Wichita, KS. Summit is run by its lead partner and owner, Michael Knapp.

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